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understand his pain. >> a message for elon musk. tesla being sued by the family of an apple engineer who died on his way to work last year when a model x autopilot steered him into a concrete barrier. that lawsuit claims the tesla suv had a dangerous defect that led to this crash. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze, >> we have the story here now. >> dan and kristen, attorneys say tesla knew about problems with the autopilot and had better technology before the crash but the company didn't install it in time to save walter wong. the news conference was too much for wong. after it was over, she broke down. this model x was her husband's birthday present. his dream car. the lawsuit filed in superior court says on march 23rd of last year shall as he headed to work as an apple engineer, the
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autopilot feature turned it left and drove it into a concrete median. walter wong died from his injuries later at the hospital much the model x's batteries burst into flames. he left behind a wife and two children. >> he was a really good guy. all the family and all the kids. we miss him so much. >> she told me her husband complained several times that the autopilot was veering toward the same barrier and they took the suv into the dealer to check out the problem. >> they were unable to find it and they told him, keep driving and let's see if you can duplicate it and send a bug report. >> attorney mark -- says tesla seems to be beta testing software on live drivers. the lawsuit claims the 2017 model x constituted a defective product and prone to episodes of unwanted, unwarranted or uncommanded acceleration and
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inadequate sensors and on board systems to prevent it from leaving the designated travel lane. >> they didn't know there were problems and glitches with the car, with the autopilot and nonetheless put it out there where people could become injured. >> the i-team reached a spokesman but they declined to comment on the lawsuit. drivers are urged to remain attentive with hands on the wheel and to take over if the autopilot makes a mistake. >> for tesla to say you should recognize that the autopilot is failing and you need to re-establish active control over your driving and save yourself, that takes many, many seconds. by then, you're already injured or dead. >> as part of this complaint, the wong family is suing cal trans. i reported last year that a suspected drunk driver hit that same barrier at 70 miles an hour and walked away with minor injuries. cal trans did not repair that
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barrier for 11 days until the tesla crashed into it. cal trans declined to comment on the lawsuit today. kris and dan. >> walter wong told his family apparently that his tesla seemed to act strangely at the same spot on the road. why do you think or what are you hearing why he continued to operate on autopilot oon that stretch the road? >> some people questioned that. why people are using the autopilot. he drove by the same section trying to show her what happened and it didn't happen. it was on and off. >> the wasn't all the time. >> what a tragedy. >> thanks. in the east bay today, defense attorneys in the ghost ship warehouse fire made a case in day two. they maintain their two clients are not at fault. laura anthony has the latest in oakland from the courtroom. >> we strongly believe it was arson. >> reporter: outside an oakland
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courtroom. defense attorney reiterated what he told jurors inside. a claim that the deadly ghost ship fire was arson. >> one witness close by heard popping sounds like glass breaking. right before the fire. and then he saw people run out the back door. and that suggests that molotov cocktails. >> investigators never clearly identified a cause for the december 2016 fire. the attorney for ghost ship defendant derek almena says there's no physical evidence of arson. it's also raised by attorneys for max harris. >> at least ten people participated in that arson. we have multiple witnesses to prove that. that's going to be exonerate max harris. >> almena described as a family man and visionary not a criminal who created a museum-like setting that became work space setting. >> the fire department and the
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sheriff and the police department and the child protective service were there. beautiful and they never told him that it was a fire hazard. >> in their opening statements tuesday, prosecutors called the ghost ship a fire trap, created by almena and harris. two men who should be found criminally responsible for the deaths of 36 people. on monday, witnesses will take the stand. the first one expected to be the mother of a victim. she'll talk about the heartbreaking text she received from her daughter from inside the ghost ship on the night of the fire. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. students at san jose state university say their county is behind the times and they want to change that. students there are demanding that the santa clara d.a. get rid of cannabis convictions just like the d.a. in san francisco did recently. social justice, of course, is a key challenge in the effort to build a better bay area. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen
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has more on the effort to find it in the south bay. >> i am a member of -- >> at the santa clara county administration building this afternoon, members of the san jose state university group students against mass incarceration to talk about marijuana-related con visions. >> it's a matter of giving people opportunities and getting them to be able to be successful. >> opportunities that can't come soon enough. >> so far down the road. instead of still back up we're going to do it. >> california voters passed proposition 64 legalizing marijuana back in november of 2016. assembly bill 1793 siepd into law last year by former governor jerry brown directed the department of justice to work with district attorneys statewide to expunge marijuana-related convictions by july of 2020. san francisco recently announced it had completed its review earlier than anticipated. leaving some to wonder why
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others haven't done the same. >> we are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. we are veterans who have been criminalized during the war on drugs. again, cannabis is legal now. but it wasn't always in the past. >> it turns out san francisco was chosen to be a part of a code for america pilot program which offered new technology to review the cases. santa clara county had expressed interest in joining but ultimately wasn't chosen. >> criminal justice records are highly regulated. they're highly confidential and highly protected. they're governed by the state. >> santa clara county assistant d.a. david angel says they expect to receive eligible cases from the department of justice this summer. >> our hope is we get this in early july. information services is able to process the list quickly. then we have a team of lawyers designed to review it. we think it should go quickly. everyone eligible should get there expungements shortly thereafter. >> the number of eligible cases
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in santa clara county could be in the thousands. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. now to the fight to build a better bay area in east bay. at the center of it, saving this open space is called painted rock. because messages are spray painted on the boulders in the area. this spot is situated between mraga and lafayette in contra costa county where lyanne melendez joins us live to explain what's going on. >> reporter: i feel like julianne drjuli julianne drus to sing the hills are alive. i won't bore you with that. this is really a story that should be a mystery novel with the title 30 days left to serve or to save this rock these painted boulders on this 84-acre property serve as a landmark. for decades they've been used by students at a high school in moraga as a way to express their
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views. >> painted rock has been here forever and the kids paint messages. >> when the owner of the property died in 2014, the land was marketed for development for $15 million. but the owner's widow is conservation minded and instead, offered to sell it to the john muir land trust for $2 million. >> just a real generous spirit. she's been wonderful to work with. very patient and generous and very committed to the notion of conservation and open space preservation. >> if the sale goes through, the 84 acres merge with the existing 421 acres of beautiful open space. offering this community 505 acres of trails and a recreation area accessible from moraga road. it's hard to find anyone here that opposes the plan. the area would be called painted rock park. >> many of the residents in this community come to this area
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because of the abundance much nature, the hiking trails. >> reporter: so far the land trust raised $1.8 million. they're short $200,000. >> we've got a ticking clock, 30 days to get to the finish line with $200,000. >> the deadline is may 31st. what they want to avoid is more of this. housing in open areas. >> it's getting kind of heavy here. it would be nice to have open space. >> open rock would be the portal to the rest of the land. >> we think this is just a great outcome for the region and specifically for the town of moraga. >> reporter: and if the sale goes through, the idea is to open this area. have an open space area open again by spring 2020. i'm live in moraga, beautiful, moraga, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on
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facebook. breaking news in san francisco and oakland. reports of two shootings next. >> plus the demand for a special type of clothing. so special that this children's hoodie is going for $450. >> yeah. >> a local woman is joining a growing industry. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. mild mayday. could we possibly see this pattern continue over the next couple of days? i'll let you know coming up. thank you. thank you. how to get to sesame st you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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at ross. it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. we're on two breaking news stories. someone called police to 19th street and 17th avenue just after 3:30 this afternoon. officers say the victim had more than one gunshot wound and died at the scene. police have not released
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information about a suspect or what led up to the shooting. police in san francisco are also responding to a shooting. it happened on 22nd and bartlett streets in the mission district. just before 4:15 they got a shots fired notification. police technology installed in cities that picks up the sound of gunshots. when officers got there, they found a man shot. he is at the hospital now. the injuries considered li life-threateni life-threatening. in the south bay, one woman has come up with a solution after violence hits close to home. she's making bulletproof clothing. it's a growing industry with so many school shootings these days. like one yesterday at the university of north carolina charlotte campus. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes. >> what you're wearing right now look like an ordinary jacket. i'm going to knock on it. this is bulletproof. >> yep. this is bulletproof. >> it was designed by the person wearing it. v tran is the founder of the bay area bay startup, wonder hoodie
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which tells e. sells an entire line of bulletproof clothing. including the bulletproof hoodie. >> the sides of your face and the back of your head here. we use dupont kevlar. >> the idea borne from a traumatic personal event, a fatal armed robbery in her hometown of seattle. >> last year a mother was walking home when she was approached for her purse. she wouldn't give it up and they had a struggle. but the person ended up shooting her eight times in the chest. she died right there. right in front of her home and mine. >> random shootings, school shootings, a reality that produced an industry of bulletproof gear for people who never used to need the armor. like kids and teachers. one search on amazon produces an entire list of items. for tran, witnessing her neighbor's brutal murder was enough to change the trajectory
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of her career. >> i looked for something online to buy them. i couldn't find anything made for women or children or at a price point i could afford. >> with her background in material science she worked on prototypes, founded the company in 2018 and started selling her line. >> this is me doing my part to make sure that if someone like me or my mom or little brother was looking for a product like this, it was made available to them. >> the sadness behind the sales of her products, especially in kids sizes not lost on its inventor. in san jose, chris reyes for abc 7 news. an effort under way to prevent your smart speaker from storing what you say. michael finney is here with consumer news. a lot of people have these. >> making its way to the state
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legislature. an assembly committee this week advanced a bill to prohibit speakers like amazon echo and google home from saving, storing or transmitting verbal command or conversations picked up by the device. this bill follows a recent bloomberg report that said amazon employees had access to audio recordings from those who use amazon echo devices. airlines are cashing in on baggage fees. air carriers pulled in $28 billion from the fees last year alone. that's up from $23 billion in 2017. firms who looked into this and analyzed a number, they study -- attributes to the incompetent crease of the growth of low-cost airlines which often charges extra for checked bags. you can make a reservation to visit star wars galaxy edge
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at disneyland. you can get a reservation at a disneyland resort hotel between may 31st and june 23rd. after that date, guests will be entered into a system similar to a boarding pass. details on how to make reservations will be available on the disneyland website tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. you must have a disney account to register. you'll find more information on the website, hopefully making it easier for you, disney is the parent company of abc. i know. >> it's going to be busy on the internet at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> sinus up. thanks, michael. if you want to know how to get to sesame street? we can finally show you. it's on the west side of manhattan. that's what i suspected. today, elmo. look at the architecture. elmo, oscar the grouch, big bird and the gang were on hand in the
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city of new york as they renamed west 63rd street and broadway in honor of the iconic children's show in honor of its 50th anniversary. >> sesame street changed this country. for everyone who has been a part of it, i hope you feel that. what you've done has been profoundly important. >> new york had sesame street -- this was in honor of the 40th anniversary. this one is permanent. >> that is so fun. the mayor of new york is right. it did change this country for the better. we need more around. let's check out things with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> wind died down a bit too. >> mike nicco paid me ten bucks to say his name. >> it's all good kristen and dan. let look at live doppler 7. yes the winds came down allowing the temperatures to come up. no rain on our radar. but we are tracking the temperature change up 10 degrees
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in san jose. i'm sure you noticed 9 degrees warmer in concord. san francisco 7 degrees warmer in santa rosa. let's take a look at a garj us view from the santa cruz camera. lots of sunshine right now. as you take a look at the temperatures, 60 in the city, 66 oakland. san jose, 75. santa cruz, you're checking in with a comfortable 69 degrees right now. lovely view from our pier 39 camera looking at the sea lions. just enjoying the sunshine right now. santa rosa, near 80 in fairfield. managed to get into the low 80s. concord, 78. livermore at 75 degrees. well, if you're just getting off of work and thinking, gosh i didn't get a chance to enjoy the sun, you have more time to do it. take a look at the sunset tracker. it goes down at 8:00 p.m. may 31st. the sun will set at 8:25 and on june 21st, 8:35. so later and later as we head towards summer. live look from san jose camera. plenty of sun and another live
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picture from the mt. tam cam. the breeze is kicking up along the coastline. sunny, breezy and mild the next two days. cloudier and cooler over the weekend. there's a chance of showers sunday going into monday morning. average rainfall for may. we do get it. about .7 in san francisco. over an inch in santa rosa. third of an inch in san jose. about .77 in oakland. we may be talking about showers this weekend. 12-hour planner. tomorrow sun comes up at 6:13. patches of fog around. light wind at noon. the breeze picks up in the afternoon. sunny and mild again. low 60s to the low 80s. cooling once the sunsets. tomorrow morning, limited fog. temperatures low to upper 40s. cool enough to require an extra layer. for the afternoon, it's short sleeve weather. look how mild in the south bay. los gatos, 76. sunnyvale. on the peninsula, sunshine. mid-70s. palo alto -- millbrae 68. you'll need the sunscreen in the
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north bay. plenty of su 73 in san rafael. 77 santa rosa. 74 napa. east bay temperatures 69 in oakland. 72 newark. 71 castro valley. if you like today's weather, you'll love the weather tomorrow. concord in the inland east bay, 79. 80 in antioch. 77 livermore. let's fast forward to sunday. if you have plans, it's not a game changer. but just keep the umbrella handy. sunday night you'll notice a few showers beginning to develop late night in the south bay and monday morning, still some wet weather is possible. a mixed precip in the sierra monday night as you will notice. the accuweather seven day forecast, mild may weather continues. warmer inland friday. cooler, cloudier, leading to the chance of showers sunday into early monday and then next week we'll go back to the sunshine and the warmth. i think overall, the pattern looks fantastic. a little bit of something for everyone. >> dan and kristen. thank you, mike. i mean, sandhya.
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>> i hope mike is watching for entertainment purposes. >> love playing with you. >> the fie rir streak across california skies. that story is next. then world news with david muir. the state of emergency. the deadly tornado outbreak. at least 30 tornadoes already several states. the system on the move. the attorney general under fire and the measles emergency on a cruise ship.
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we are learning more about the sea lion rescued from highway 101 in south san francisco. new video shows the 10-month-old pup now. vets saying he was likely separated from his mother too soon. he came here from calabasas in southern california where he had been tagged by a wildlife center. research shows it's unusual for a sea lion pup to travel so far. he was spotted on 101 near the 380 split yesterday.
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chp officers put him in the back of a cruiser and took him to safety. what a sight. northwest los angeles early this morning. the air force conducted an early morning test of an unarmed minute man. three intercontinental ballistic missiles. it launched from vandenberg air force base and traveled over the pacific to a target in the marshall islands. the air force says the tests are scheduled years in advance to verify the accuracy and reliability of the weapons system. send out this cool picture of a sunrise on mars. you can see the sun on the horizon underneath the arm of insight lander. the picture was taken at 5:30 a.m. local time on april 24th. so far away. that's a great shot. from one cool image to another, take a look at the winner of the pink lady food photography competition. >> wow. that is amazing.
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it's the european-based contest. alice waters from berkeley is one. judges. the winning image shows a sell brace in china that includes oodles of noodles. look at that. >> the competition was fierce, too. 9,000 images from 77 different countries. they got a good one there. that shows noodles brings people together. living in ham harmony when we come back. >> for a better world ♪ >> the ann
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i'm ama daetz coming up at 6:00, two reports aimed to build a better bay area first. a new red light camera got the green light in san francisco. the first of many to come. what makes these cameras different from the old ones. also -- >> you can see that we need it now more than ever. >> ceo marc benioff speaks
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exclusively with dan ashley about his big donation to find a solution to san francisco's homeless crisis. he's so confident it will help. all at 6:00. dan, kristen. thanks, ama, see you then. you may soon here music in the air in oakland. >> yeah. the city is launching a free event called pop-up street performances. ♪ >> grammy winning singer songwriter and oakland native helped to announce the arts, music and performance series called amp oakland. >> it will feature 300 free performances in lobbies and plazas downtown. it's to promote oakland and local artists. >> hear music from people who don't want to hear it. that's when you know you're making a connection and that is taken from a recovering narcissist. that's when you know that you are making a contribution.
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>> performances will take place between noon and 1:00 p.m. tuesday through thursday starting next week through september. >> that will be nice. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm dan tonight, the state of emergency. the deadly tornado outbreak already. and authorities warning tonight, more on the way. several states, at least 30 reported tornadoes already. tonight, the rescues, the man clinging to a tree. from texas to illinois, and this system then moving east. rob marciano standing by with the timing and the track. the deadly school shooting. authorities just moments ago, and what they revealed about the former student, what he allegedly said when he was arrested. and the young hero who was killed when he jumped on top of him. under fire on capitol hill. attorney general william barr is asked why he did not reveal to the american people weeks ago that robert mueller was not pleased with what barr d


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